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E-scouting and Planning for Gun Hunting Setups

E-scouting and Planning for Gun Hunting Setups

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on June 10, 2020

Show Notes

I did something that wasn't sure I'd ever do... apply for an Iowa tag. Specifically, I applied for a 1st shotgun season tag, which is relatively easier to draw and doesn't interfere with other archery rut hunts like South Dakota or Missouri. In fact, it doesn't really interfere with any of my other planned firearms hunts either. But this does bring up a topic that's obviously very fresh in my mind, which is scouting and preparing for gun hunts. It can be very different than an archery hunt, unless it's a gun hunt during the rut and in a low pressure area.

In this podcast I talk about the three primary factors I look at in relation to a gun hunt: Timing, Pressure, and Terrain. Timing and pressure both dictate to a fairly large extent the overall strategy, but terrain dictates the exact set up. I dive into three specific terrain types that I have the most historical experience with: Hills, Marsh/Swamp, and Big Woods terrain, and how I tackle each a little differently when it comes to exact setup.

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