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Dummies Guide to Squirrel Dogs

Dummies Guide to Squirrel Dogs

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  / 

Posted on June 03, 2020

Show Notes

Has the thought entered your mind that you need a squirrel dog? If it hasn't, it will soon. Squirrel hunting with dogs is experiencing a resurgence across the country. The long seasons, ample squirrel numbers, good meat and the shear excitement of the hunt is starting to turn people back to small game hunting. In this podcast Clay Newcomb, Michael Lanier, Trae Autry and Jason Liles talk about the different squirrel dog breeds, dog registry, how the different breeds hunt, along with some mule talk and general tom foolery in a fun conversation. In summary, there are two types of squirrel dogs - curs and feists. Inside of these two breeds there are multiple strains and they all hunt a little different. This podcast is a must listen for anybody interested in extending their season and becoming a noble squirrel hunter.

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