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Developing The Leader Within You

Developing The Leader Within You

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on August 09, 2020

Show Notes

Are you tired of being misrepresented or under represented as a houndsman? Are you waiting on someone else to preserve our lifestyle? Houndsman XP is setting industry standards, once again, with this introspective discussion about our individual obligations to ourselves, our hunting community and the lifestyle of being a houndsman.

Dr. Brad Henson joins Chris in a very practical discussion about how to take a look in the mirror and improve our position within the hunting community. They discuss real world examples of how to improve the perception of houndsmen thru simple principles of personal leadership. There are plenty of real life stories that give the listener examples of how to accomplish this.

If you are concerned about our future, if you do not want to continue to watch as our freedoms are stripped, one by one, this is a must listen podcast.

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