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CWD in Colorado with Matt Dunfee

CWD in Colorado with Matt Dunfee

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on January 15, 2020

Show Notes

My guest today is Matt Dunfee, Director of the CWD Alliance, where we cover the current state of Chronic Wasting Disease in Colorado. We begin by covering what CWD is, what a prion is, how it spreads, and why we should be concerned as hunters and outdoorsman. We then talk about what the history of the disease in Colorado and the prevalence percentage of deer and elk in the state.

We then discuss what Colorado Parks and Wildlife is doing to actively manage CWD and the action plan revolving around their strategy such as increasing tag quotas, mandatory testing, and altering hunting season dates. Matt also walks us through what we should do after harvesting a deer or elk and how to preserve what is needed for testing. To round out the episode Matt divulges what happens, based on scientific research, if CWD is left unmanaged and how the snowball effect could get out of control. For more information, please visit

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