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CWD, Call To Action

CWD, Call To Action

Iowa Sportsman  / 

Posted on March 20, 2020

Show Notes

On this episode of the Iowa Sportsman, Dan talks with the CEO of the National Deer Alliance, Nick Pinizzotto, about Iowa House File 2458 and how it will help manage the spread of CWD in the state of Iowa.

"HF 2458 authorizes the Committee on Natural Resources to "establish a wild animal disease management zone and take such actions within the zone as are necessary to protect wild animal health and conserve biological balance." Actions include: establishing special seasons, preventing the artificial movement of wild animals, wild animal carcasses, or parts thereof, and requiring disease sample collection from harvested wild animals. Additionally, a state biologist or conservation officer may "approach a private landowner or tenant to provide information regarding the wild animal disease prevention, containment, and eradication efforts underway in the area." Similarly, a state biologist or conservation officer may approach a landowner to obtain permission to collect wildlife samples from the landowner's property." - Nick Pinizzotto

For all of you who think this is a doom and gloom scenario, it's not. This is attempt to gather more data, to learn more about where CWD is in our state, and will allow us to manage it using the necessary steps. Long story short, this is legislation to help keep Iowa deer herds happy and healthy.

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