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Cutting Trees to Improve the Forest and Wildlife

Cutting Trees to Improve the Forest and Wildlife

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on July 26, 2021

Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how by cutting and removing trees that you actually improve the overall forest? Well, you're about to find out during this podcast. The Whistling Woodlands project just turned up the heat on a timber management project as reinforcements were called in. The loggers just arrived to completely change the future of this property.

During this podcast, you will hear how outside-of-the-box thinking with regards to a timber harvest got a crew excited to return and put the plan into action. This harvest will be complex, but also simple for the crew to execute as flagging, painting leave trees, sharing the vision for the harvest have all been completed. Clear-cutting with three different follow-up management strategies will occur as well as a seed tree cut, and selective thinning. Each of these practices is based on its proximity to other future plant communities and its aspect on different slopes.

If you've considered ever harvesting timber to improve the forest and the wildlife that utilizes it, this will give you the encouragement to pursue that further! Timber management requires action! Be sure to listen if you want to maximize your recreational property.

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