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Creating a Priority List for Habitat Techniques: Part 1

Creating a Priority List for Habitat Techniques: Part 1

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on October 04, 2021

Show Notes

During this week's podcast we break down a property and the habitat techniques from top to bottom. There is 11 total, but the number isn't important, it is the order that is key. So during Part 1 of this podcast series, we will walk you through the property characteristics and then the order of importance based on the landowner's goals.

We often see landowners who have the right idea, but their emphasis, plan, and priorities are all wrong. Intentions are great, but without execution they mean nothing. So, during the podcast, we showcase how we would use specific habitat techniques on a property and line them up one through eleven in order of importance. This gives you an idea of how you could become more impactful on your own property.

We all want to make an impact and leave a legacy with your property. But it's important to evaluate if you are choosing to do the right techniques that will make the largest positive impact possible. Time to get our priorities in line and do things with a purpose.

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