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Coonhunter, Black and Tan Enthusiasts and Marine

Coonhunter, Black and Tan Enthusiasts and Marine

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on July 05, 2020

Show Notes

Chase Rickard, a United States Marine Corps veteran, coonhunter, Black and Tan enthusiast and family man, joins Chris in a down to earth discussion about coonhunting in North Carolina. This episode takes some twists and turns an covers a wide array of topics. Listeners will hear about some legendary B&T breeders, how to get permission to hunt on private property, how Chase became so passionate about hunting with his Black and Tans but most of all how it changed his life. Chase was headed down a path to a dark future. You will hear how hunting and hounds changed his life.

Chase flips the podcast on its head when he puts Chris on the spot and starts shooting question at him about scent, breeding and drills down into some of the most asked questions and sought answers pertaining to the Houndsman lifestyle.

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