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Coonhound Q & A with Nick Gilliland

Coonhound Q & A with Nick Gilliland

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on February 03, 2020

Show Notes

In this episode Houndsman XP hosts Steve and Lauren are joined by Nick Gilliland as the trio fields questions from podcast listeners appearing on various social media sites. The panel vetted a multitude of questions choosing those that should draw the greatest amount of interest and would provide the greatest benefit to listeners. Podcasts that deal with training and care of hounds routinely draw a great deal of attention in the podcast sphere.

Gilliland regularly hosts question and answer sessions on his Nite Life Kennels YouTube channel and has been an earlier guest as well as a staunch supporter of this podcast since its inception. The session with Nick is free-flowing and comfortable. The answers come easily making this an easy-to-listen-to experience. Experience matters and it’s evident that the panel is not only up to the task but also enjoys the opportunity to discuss subjects that matter to hound people.

Questions run the gamut from how to start puppies to the best type of kennel flooring to choose, from the differences in GPS locating devices to the optimum age to start a pup or when is it time to give up hope for the dog. The panel also addresses time-honored questions such as how to deal with backtracking and should pups be started hunting game other than the intended target on which they will be hunted as mature hounds. Nick talks about hunting lights with lasers and the panel addresses a sobering question about the decline in the coon hunting lifestyle. All in all, this is an interesting discussion that will be appreciated by hound people of all persuasions.

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