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Coon Hunter Nubbin Moore

Coon Hunter Nubbin Moore

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on March 29, 2020

Show Notes

This is an episode that offers a chance for listeners to unwind, to lay aside the stresses of world news and events and to get in touch with their inner houndsman. Steve describes it as “getting at the heart of the reason I follow hounds and enjoy the houndsman lifestyle.”

Recorded at a coon hunting camp in southeastern Alabama in February, Steve and longtime friend and fellow houndsman Arnold “Nubbin” Moore drill down into the reasons they enjoy the many aspects of hunting with hounds by recounting their experiences. The episode contains a wide range of subjects including White River coon hunting stories, eating raccoons, a profile of Hank, Nubbin’s Autumn Oaks-winning Black and Tan coonhound of a lifetime, a story about a coon hunting horse, tales of their roles as peace keepers at competition events and saying goodbye to a longtime hunting friend. As the old friends recap their travels, which consist of thousands of miles hauling hounds and hunting together, there’s something in this episode for anyone that enjoys hound hunting at the most basic of its many levels.

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