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Colorado High Country Archery Mule Deer Recap

Colorado High Country Archery Mule Deer Recap

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on September 28, 2020

Show Notes

Today I’m covering my recent archery mule deer hunt from early September in Colorado where I cover the events that unfolded during the hunt, as well as the preparation that lead up to it. I begin by covering how I decided on a certain unit and the reasons why I chose to do this hunt in the first place. I then talk about the preparation such as totally revamping my bow and shooting form, along with physical fitness for an above tree-line excursion around 13,000 feet elevation. I then cover my digital scouting and my one and only scouting trip to the area in early August.

I round out the episode by diving into the details of my 2020 hunt, starting with the initial hike into the area and ending with a heavy pack-out. I highlight how I spotted deer and how I was able to get in position for a close range stalk with a bow and release a well placed arrow to seal the deal. This was a fun hunt and cool story to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Look for an upcoming article on that recaps the lessons learned during this hunt in the near future!

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