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Chewing the Fat with Dan Born

Chewing the Fat with Dan Born

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on October 25, 2020

Show Notes

Dan Born, former board member of BHA and still active member, writer, and outdoor enthusiast resides in Southern Minnesota. His experience from his upbringing and joining the military has shaped Dan for how he approaches the outdoors. Dan isn't a gear junky, he isn't chasing new equipment from year to year, but his approach is what i'm guessing, a lot like many of us. “I want equipment that works well, good quality, and fits me and my style of hunting. Number one on his list is boots. Put the bulk of the dollars on what keeps you moving. Good Footwear is key. No matter if it's in high elevation or flat, low swamps. Good fit, keeps feet dry, supportive.

Something where money can be saved is in the processing kit. Dan wrote an article about his outdoor knife roll. Not a single item eclipses $50. The items he chose are utilitarian and if get beat up, can get brought back to life quickly, no professional sharpening service needed. One add that I would put in the kit would be a honing rod or “steel”. Giving a knife a few strokes on a steel can keep you from having to sharpen as much and save you working as hard or worse, a good sized cut on the hand. The kit includes knives for large muscles, but also a small perry knife and heavy sheers or small game. While kits are available pre assembled, there can be a money saving, and a unique flair added to your kit, by making your own.

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