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Chewing the Fat: Trout, Turkeys, and Morel Mushrooms

Chewing the Fat: Trout, Turkeys, and Morel Mushrooms

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on April 01, 2019

Show Notes

Nick and Dustin put the close on ice fishing and small game. Their attention now turns to spring time activities of trout, turkeys, and the hopes of morel mushrooms. Special items include: Listener challenge to cook fish not in a fryer, Nick’s attempt at a mouth calling with vocals only, and Dustin’s “seen a few, got one” streak continues.

Chewing the Fat #5 - Spring has sprung… sorta

Shed hunting

• Poop and beds

• Bringing the kiddos

Fishing update

• Reminder of the vac vs water challenge

• Trout fast approaching

• Challenge to cook fish in other than the Fryer

Small game ends the 31st

• Need to pack a few more away

• Pigeons on the mind


• Is Dustin chasing them this year?

• Will he film/ call for PLW Brock

• His approach

• Is Nicks mouth call any good?

• Out cry to not breast out the turkeys

• Leaving skin on only helps the flavor and helps preserve moisture

• Pluck the bird

• Can be done in roughly 5 minutes

• Pliers are helpful for wing feathers

• Making fletchings for Trad bows

• Slice and pound turkey breast for schnitzel

• Smoked Legs and Thighs are the bomb

• Butterflied Tenderloins in Marinade

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