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Capitalize On Public Land Bucks During The Secondary Rut

Capitalize On Public Land Bucks During The Secondary Rut

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on January 15, 2021

Show Notes

This week we're talking with our good friend Adam Crews of Tennessee about how he found success on a great public land buck during a late season "secondary rut" hunt in Kentucky. Adam breaks down his thought process going into this short 2 day out of state hunt, telling us what he was looking for & what sign he was keying in on that ultimately lead to him putting an arrow in a great buck. It's no secret that the month of November is a magical time for deer hunters in most of the country. It's the likely time of the year that most of us are putting in for vacation to have the best odds of killing a mature buck when he is most vulnerable. There's no doubt that it can be your best chance, however, December shouldn't be overlooked. There have been many studies about what is known as the secondary rut that would typically fall 28 days after the primary rut. These studies have narrowed down a lot of the rut action to one of two things: 1. Does that have not been bred yet, and 2. yearling/doe fawns that are coming into sexual maturity later in the season. As Adam experienced, this time of the year can be just as productive, and in some cases more productive than the primary rut. Adam shares with us the story of this specific hunt and how he used past experiences to put him in the right place to capitalize on a buck during this secondary rut.

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