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Canadas Not Canadians with Dan Hruska

Canadas Not Canadians with Dan Hruska

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on October 02, 2019

Show Notes

Nick talks with Dan Hruska, host of HP Outdoors Podcast. Dan is gitty for all things waterfowl. From big old Canada Honkers to ducks of every kind. He and his friend Josh scour the country for the next opportunity all along with running a weekly waterfowl podcast.

Show Notes:

Dan hails from Pennsylvania where he pursues birds who are migrating along the eastern flyway. Nick gets some basics on the whys and hows of waterfowling. Couple big take-aways was paying attention to the wind, birds need the wind inorder to land or take off so setting your ambush with the wind at your back is key. Second, championship callers may make a whole library of calls, but when in the field, mimicking what the birds are doing is what callers are going for, and when push comes to shove, motion in your decoys is more effective than calling.

Now to the cutting board. Ducks are divided into divers and puddle. Divers having more of a streamline appearance (fighter jet) can have a fishy taste, especially in their fat. Trimming the colored fat helps mild flavor. Puddle ducks are more balanced in their body shape and can take off almost vertically (Helicopter). Have a milder flavor and their fat can have a very rich flavor. Saving rendered duck fat can be beneficial for enhancing dishes. Not to mention much saving the cash in not buying the store bought stuff.

Pro Tip: When getting a perfectly seared duck breast, start with a cold pan. As heat builds the fat renders allowing you to flip the breast and sear in its own fat. Medium-rare seems to be the target doneness for best flavor. Well done can be livery in taste.

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