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Camp Cook with Cast Iron Steve

Camp Cook with Cast Iron Steve

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on June 27, 2021

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Cast Iron Steve is back again to chat about heavy metal cookware and specifically camp kitchen setups. We talk about making kitchens portable, a whole range of equipment we use or wished we used, how calories at the campsite don’t count, and our favorite camp meals and extra fancy desserts to be served fireside.

Steve and Nick first break into what makes cast iron special. Durability, even heating especially on intense burners that some stoves have, ease of cleanup with a nice cooked in seasoning. Its hard to beat traditional cookware that pioneers themselves could have used on their expeditions. To beat the weight, carbon steel cookware offers many of the benefits on cast iron. The guys talk about how the griddles they use are carbon steel and could be helpful in making more pieces portable. Steve’s solution to their weight and space issue is to downsize the number of pieces. I'm sure for him it's as if you are asking which of his children have to stay home, but hard decisions have to be made. Nick continues to stay within the confines of the chuck box. The kitchen size can stay the same yet with some creativity, and continues to find ways to add items. A single 12” cast pan, a 12” teflon pan, steel pot, and aluminium dutch oven can all be stored and cover a wide range of dishes.

Steve likes his dutch ovens at the campsite, but doesnt like the inconsistent nature of cooking over fire pits. He's not afraid to do it, but with the addition of a Charcoal table, he gains control, ease of cooking at countertop level, and being a native of Utah, fires are a real danger. Containing his coals for efficiency and safety makes the charcoal table a necessity.

Steve also hits us with a favorite dessert of his being a cobbler out of a dutch oven. His twist, add a half a can of sprite to the dry cake mix.

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