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Buy it, Borrow It, Bury It with Nate Judice

Buy it, Borrow It, Bury It with Nate Judice

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on February 14, 2021

Show Notes

Nate Judice, or @therecreationalchef is a sportsman who enjoys the game as much on the plate as chasing them in the field. Waterfowl and whitetails are his gotos and being in south Louisiana, fish is a mainstay. Being a guy who has put some time in behind the knife, I wanted to get a grasp of what are some of his quick draw tools in the kitchen. Nate likes to have his cast iron at the ready all the time, in fact he said that one lives on the stovetop. Next up are the immersion blend, and temp probes for both his freezers and the meat.

The game Nick crafted is Buy it, Borrow it, or Bury it. A couple of passionate game cooks, giving their input on popular kitchen appliances that have recently hit the market. Here was our votes for each:

Grinder: Nick:Buy Nate:Buy

Sausage Stuffer: Nick:Borrow Nate:Borrow

Meat Temp Probe: Nick & Nate:Buy

Instapot: Nick:Buy Nate:Bury

Smoker: Nick:Borrow Nate:Buy, buy a multipurpose grill/smoker.

George Bluth Cornballer: Nick:Bury Nate: WTF is a cornballer?

Air Fryer: Nick:Bury/Borrow (Wife says im bias) Nate:Bury

Deep Fryer: Nick:Buy Nate:Buy

Vac Sealer/Chamber Vac: Nick:Buy Nate:Buy

Sous vide (water circulator): Nick:Buy Nate:Borrow

Pizza Oven: Nick:Bury Nate:Depends, use mine every Friday

Dehydrator: Nick & Nate:Borrow

In Nate’s 2 Dish Breakdown he mentioned an osso bucco style shank recipe (anytime shanks are involved, I'm all ears) He was invited by Bayou Wild TV to cook this dish. Here is the link to tune in:

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