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Butch Spear The Level Headed Houndsman

Butch Spear The Level Headed Houndsman

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on September 26, 2021

Show Notes

In a world where people are working hard to be InstaCelebrities, Facebook Famous and host their own YouTube channel, Butch Spear is a bear hunting celebrity without even trying and probably against his will.

Butch found himself thrust onto the world stage by a YouTube channel producer with over 2 million followers. He was only trying to retrieve his bear dogs from a piece of private property. While he legally could have entered the property to get his hounds that were treed, he chose to go to the land owner out of courtesy and respect to inform him of what was happening. What happened next was beyond his wildest expectations. The YouTube channel owner got more than he bargained for as well. Butch Spear is the president of the Vermont Bearhound Association and was well equipped to handle the situation.

Listeners will find pearls of wisdom in how Butch Spear handled this situation.

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