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Bucks Of Seasons Past

Bucks Of Seasons Past

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on September 05, 2019

Show Notes

This week on the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, Parker & Drew are reminiscing on some of their greatest memories in the woods. The guys talk about successful hunts that really contributed to their passion for the outdoors now. It’s really important to look back on some of these great days in the field, and start piecing together the tactics that maybe you didn’t even know were put into play back then. Now, looking back, we can see why these bucks were in this spot at the time we pulled the trigger. For every memory, Parker and Drew talk about some of these lessons that they learned, and how they apply to their hunting style today.

Another interesting thing about this episode is that the guys were raised in totally different hunting cultures. Drew came from Florida, where hunting with dogs is a way of life. He talks about how that shaped his hunting style, and also lit a passion inside of him for deer hunting. Parker talks about being raised in West Texas, where corn feeders are a main food source for deer and public land is non existent. As different as they are, both ended up as hardcore public land hunters in Alabama. It’s interesting how that works! Enjoy!

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