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Brett Vaughn: Born 100 Years Too Late

Brett Vaughn: Born 100 Years Too Late

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on November 24, 2019

Show Notes

Brett Vaughn joins the Chris and Steve for a conversation about lion hunting in New Mexico, hunting from mules and producing videos for his YouTube Channel-Born 100 Years too Late.

Brett has established himself as a high tech renaissance man through his YouTube Channel- CBTV: Born 100 Years too Late. Astride his mule following his hounds in pursuit of mountain lions through some of the toughest hunting on the continent, Brett captures the intrinsic values of the hunt through video. His honest and straight forward approach to hunting does not focus on the “grip and grin” to measure the success of the hunt. Brett talks about his desire to preserve the tradition of hound pursuits in the southwest by celebrating the legacy of legendary southwest houndsmen on his YouTube channel.

In this interview Brett explains that he continues to be a student of hunting and wants to take viewers with him on his never ending quest to become a Houndsman of Xtreme Performance.

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