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Breeding, Selecting and Conditioning for Hounds

Breeding, Selecting and Conditioning for Hounds

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on May 30, 2021

Show Notes

Mark Dufresne and Heath Hyatt return to the Houndsman XP Podcast for a discussion about how to breed the best, select the best and behavior conditioning for Xtreme Performance hounds.

Heath is a professional K9 trainer and has done in-depth work, to include building relationships with breeders around the world, to achieve a Master Trainer title. He currently serves a police department in Virginia in that capacity and is crucial in performance dog selection. Heath shares the strategies that professional police dog trainers use in selection and the conditioning of dogs in preparation for a lifetime of dangerous and high stress service. He is also a hardcore bear hunter and has bred and trained generations of his own hounds. Heath has the ability to draw parallels from his professional training and experience and bring it to the hound hunting community.

Mark is a professional guide from the state of Maine. He has decades of experience using hounds to put clients in positions to be successful with the use of his hounds in pursuit of bear and bobcat. Mark has dedicated a large portion of his life to understanding breeding and training Xtreme Performance game catching hounds.

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