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Bowhunting Roundtable with Tethrd

Bowhunting Roundtable with Tethrd

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on July 22, 2020

Show Notes

This podcast is a recording of a bow hunting discussion that occurred at a recent Tethrd get together near their headquarters of operation in Minnesota. Members at the table were Jon Eberhart, Andy May, Ernie Power, Greg Godfrey, and Jared Shaffer. Plenty of topics were discussed in detail, starting with a chat about archery, going peepless, and realistic practice for hunting season. Greg and Garrett talked about out-of-state preparation, and Andy dove into detail about his updated strategy for his nonresident Iowa hunt, as well as a high country mule deer hunt. Jon Eberhart also gave great insight about what things to look for in plains state habitat to help hunters focus in on the simplier, high probability areas.

Andy and Jon discussed their preseason strategies, from glassing to speed tours. The group all discussed tips that have helped them achieve success along the way. This one is a must listen. This episode is also co-released on the Tethrd Nation podcast, which is another great place to learn about saddle hunting.

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