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Bobcat Hunting With PBR Bullfighter Shorty Gorham

Bobcat Hunting With PBR Bullfighter Shorty Gorham

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on November 03, 2019

Show Notes

In this episode of Houndsman XP, Chris and Steve stretch the “Xtreme” credo to the max with a visit to the South Texas ranch country to hunt bobcats with Professional Bull Riders (PBR) celebrity, bullfighter Shorty Gorham. Shorty is not only known the world over for his professional bullfighting and his popular bullfighting circuit and company American Freestyle Bullfighting, but also for his crack pack of running Walker cat hounds. Chris and Steve see firsthand how Shorty’s hounds approach their big cat-catching work with every bit the energy and gusto that their master exhibits in the bull ring.

Gorham, growing up on a southern California ranch was in his words, “a cowboy in a surfer school.” Being a guy that has always met danger head on, Shorty has been a natural at fighting 1,700-pound tornados in bull flesh, major event after thrilling major bull riding event. Learning that Shorty was also an accomplished houndsman, Chris and Steve, with an introduction by Carnivore TV producer and former Houndsman XP guest Gary Roberson, seized the opportunity to go to Texas to hunt with and to interview Shorty Gorham, a major win for the Houndsman XP audience.

In this episode, recorded mid-hunt on a south Texas afternoon, the boys are joined by Gorham and Roberson in what is an interesting and very entertaining look at the exciting and very dangerous world of bull riding. They also dig deep into the background and abilities of the pack of running-stock hounds Gorham uses to consistently catch bobcats and mountain lions for his enjoyment and for that of the clients that book guided hunts with him. Airing on the week of the PBR World Finals are held in Las Vegas, listeners will be able to closely identify with the TV coverage of the epic event. This is an episode for the listener that likes his hound-hunting on the razor edge of excitement and that’s no bull.

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