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BIG BUCKS in BIG WOODS with Michael Perry & Jamie McCay

BIG BUCKS in BIG WOODS with Michael Perry & Jamie McCay

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on January 31, 2020

Show Notes

This week on the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast ep. 64, we're joined by two returning guests, Jamie McCay and Michael Perry. Both of these Alabama public land hunters are notorious in their area for consistently killing larger than average mature bucks in places where most people are lucky to see a spike. This season was no different. Michael and Jamie both tagged out with 3 wall hangers, having what could only be considered a dream season. The crazy thing is, for these guys it's not a matter of "if they kill big bucks this year", it's "when they kill big bucks this year"... every year. We've had so much feedback from both of these guys episodes in the past that we decided we needed to get them on the show together to break down and compare their process for finding and hunting these deer in high pressure, low deer density areas. In this episode you'll find out their scouting process, trail camera strategies, how they're finding a bucks core area, and likely the best information you've ever heard on hunting BLUFF GAPS in mountainous terrain. You're in for a treat!

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