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Berkley’s Hit Stick with Dan Spengler

Berkley’s Hit Stick with Dan Spengler

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on August 27, 2020

Show Notes

Berkely and the other brands with Pure Fishing, Inc. have been leading innovation in tackle, lures, rods and reels for decades. Berkley has designed baits that have won many tournament anglers big pay checks and has given everyday anglers the chance to fill their live wells consistently. Dan Spengler, senior project manager for bait development at Berkley rejoins the podcast to break down why their new bait, The Hit Stick, lives up to all the hype and anticipation. Not only do we learn about the long history of why this bait was developed but Dan also shares with us how to fish this bait in different scenario’s, size offerings and more. I find we as anglers have the opportunity to become more efficient on the water when we take the time to learn the details of the tools and baits in our arsenal. The more we understand our lures intent and design the more it will make sense to us as to why we choose to fish that specific lure the way we do. That’s fishing folks!!! Dan also shares a hot tip with us on how to us Spy Baits to target walleye. This episode is FILLED with value bombs, so be sure to take some notes. Enjoy!!

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