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Bear Hunting Under Attack

Bear Hunting Under Attack

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on February 07, 2021

Show Notes

Becky Dwire with the Nevada Sporting Dog Alliance makes her second appearance on the podcast, representing the Nevada Sporting Dog Alliance. Becky is a houndsman of Xtreme Performance in every sense of the word. She and her husband, Cleave, own a professional outfitting business, Bull Creek Outfitters. Becky is an accomplished professional dog trainer.

She also dedicates a substantial amount of her time to Preserve, Protect and Promote hunting with hounds.

Becky and Chris have a fun and lively conversation about mules, horses and the pleasure and pain they bring. The heart of the conversation is about bear hunting in Nevada and the attack it is under. Emotionally charged animal rights groups are attacking the use of hounds as a legal pursuit method for black bears. Chris and Becky discuss this and anthropomorphism of dogs and bears in this episode.

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