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Backcountry Nutrition Needs with Kyle Kamp

Backcountry Nutrition Needs with Kyle Kamp

Backcountry Rookies  / 

Posted on January 22, 2019

Show Notes

Chad has the chance to discuss the importance of nutrition with Kyle Kamp from Valley To Peak Nutrition. Chad and Kyle teamed up to develop the nutrition plan for Chads New Year, New You workout plan. Kyle covers a lot of nutrition information throughout the podcast and breaks it down, so it is easy to understand. In the beginning of the show Kyle explains how he ended up in Idaho after growing up in Indiana as well as where he obtained his education in Nutrition. He also covers how he became a hunter and eventually tied hunting and nutrition together to form Valley To Peak Nutrition.

Since Nutrition is a broad topic and often difficult to understand the two discuss how Kyle develops his personalized nutrition plans as well as touch the wave tops of Macro and Micro nutrients and why each are important parts of a quality nutrition plan. Kyle talks about how supplements can support or “supplement” a nutrition plan but are not necessary with the right diet.

As the show begins to wrap up Kyle touches on the difference between a backcountry preparation plan and the plan you would want when you are out on your hunt hammering the mountains.

In the end Kyle explains the services he can provide to a person who reaches out to him with questions or someone who is looking for a full nutrition plan. Kyle has the knowledge to help us get ourselves into “mountain shape”, lets utilize the service he provides to get ourselves there.

Of course, we forgot to mention the 15% discount at the end of the show. Kyle is offering a 15% discount to the listeners. Mention the Backcountry Rookies when you reach out to Kyle and he will give you 15% off of packages and plans.

Kyle Kamp
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Instagram - @v2pnutrition (Don’t Forget Friday FAQs)
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