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Backcountry Hunting Using Mules

Backcountry Hunting Using Mules

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  / 

Posted on January 03, 2019

Show Notes

In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Clay and two youth hunters are whitetail hunting during a late-season rifle hunting in Arkansas using mules. Sitting around the fire they discuss their hunt, but primarily discuss the pros and cons, and ideology of using mules to access the backcountry for hunting.

In 2017, Clay trained a young mule that he is know using for hunting. It was his first time to train a mule and the experience changed his life! You can watch a video of his training at the below link.
The video has over 800,000 views on YouTube! In the episode Clay tells his son, "Your dad gets cussed everyday on Youtube..." It was his first time to train and many thought he didn't do a good job, other praised him! The equine world has many barriers to entry, but using mules has been a unique addition to way Clay chooses to hunt.

The guys are deer hunting, but are also scouting for bear. Intimate knowledge of the regions where you plan to bear are critical and you get to know the country through utilizing for all types of hunting - this is primary reason they deer hunt here. Enjoy this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast! Check out too!

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