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Backcountry Blend with Wilde Spice Co

Backcountry Blend with Wilde Spice Co

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on January 31, 2021

Show Notes

Dave came into the hunting lifestyle later in life, standing in the grocery store, and thinking about how many hands have touched this piece of meat. He came to real conscious awareness of the fuel he was putting in his body. He now lives out west playing the tag game, procuring his meat either direct from the farmer/rancher or chasing mule deer and pronghorn.

Along with approaching his meat differently, Dave had the same epiphany when it came to seasoning his prized protein. A backstrap already for the grill and glancing a look at the back of some store bought seasoning to find a lot of fillers and chemicals, a crying shame. Dave took matters into his own hands and wanted to create a spice blend that would enhance his meat, not merely cover it. Dave selected fresh, high quality ingredients for his blends and keeps batches small to maintain freshness. One particular ingredient that caught Nick’s attention is the Tellicherry Peppercorn. These are peppercorns from the same black pepper plants as all other peppercorns, but they are graded according to size and punch. Tellicherry is the top 10 percent of the crop, making them the largest and most potent. Nick who enjoys a good peppery pop, making this go-to spice blend for a wide range of wild game. Not an overpowering flavor, but makes the protein sing. Huntavore and Wilde have teamed up to offer you a 15% savings on your order. Use the coupon code HUNTAVORE at checkout. Not just for the backcountry, but on all the Wilde blends. Head over to or @wildspice.

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