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Average Jack Archery

Average Jack Archery

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on January 22, 2020

Show Notes

Nate Sellers is an archery and bowhunter from Pennsylvania. He runs a YouTube channel titled Average Jack Archery as well. In addition to being a teacher during the school months, Nate has been putting in hours at the local bow shop for years and has helped hundreds of archers get set up with hunting rigs and arrows. In the podcast, we talk quite a bit about archery. In particular, we talk quite a bit about what things are practically relevant for most guys out there vs which things are fun to talk about but over the head of the average guy looking for basic advice.

Nate has an inviting demeanor and good way of convening helpful information in a way that makes sense. He also took two deer in Pennsylvania this season with his bow, so we talked a bit about the differences in the season structure and hunting culture in his state compared to most other whitetail states out there. In PA, up through this year, there is still no Sunday hunting or hunting during the peak breeding date range.

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