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Are Gov't Cost Share Programs Really Worth It?

Are Gov't Cost Share Programs Really Worth It?

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on June 29, 2020

Show Notes

During this podcast, we break down a contract on an existing Land & Legacy project. These are real numbers applied to real habitat management projects. We encourage everyone to listen to the podcast who has had interest in enrolling in these types of programs. These cost-share programs help conserve and pay landowners to implement sound management practices on their property.

Page by page we cover the different techniques, from our of work that would be completed, how we would complete the work all the way down to how much cash is exchanged for doing it. Some of the management practices included are FSI, prescribed fire, conservation cover, temporary forest openings, medium brush management all the way up to heavy brush management. If you've ever wondered how, why, or if its worth enrolling your land into cost-share programs, then this podcast is for you! Enjoy.Learn.Share!

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