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Archery Deep Dive with Andy May

Archery Deep Dive with Andy May

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on May 27, 2020

Show Notes

On this Podcast, I talk with Andy May about all things archery with a bow hunting focus. Most people know Andy as a meticulous, detail oriented deer hunter, but his mindset works the same with archery. He actually started archery before becoming a bow hunter. We discuss various things on the equipment side of bow hunting, from his arrow building process to releases, peep sights, broadheads, vane configuration, proper stabilization, and bow fit to minimize the amount of pin float that you see at full draw.

In addition to the equipment side of archery, we also talk at length about the mental side and the shooting process. Having struggled at times with target panic in the past, Andy explains exactly how he activates his release now based on advice from several professional shooters. Certain circumstances like fast shooting opportunities or high winds can create minor differences in how he activates the release, but everything stems back to a achieving a reliable, high-confidence shot. One thing Andy does that many people could likely benefit from is record data from most of his shooting sessions. That allows him to track trends over time to determine which combinations of gear actually provide the best forgiveness, instead of basing opinions on other reviews or good/bad days at the range.

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