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An Early Season Mature Buck Hits the Ground

An Early Season Mature Buck Hits the Ground

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on September 27, 2021

Show Notes

The stars aligned and we got aggressive, it paid off when a mature buck strolled through during daylight hours. Chainsaw Chad put an arrow where it needed to be and the buck dropped within sight!

The story for this podcast starts back in the spring with a late frost. With zero white oak acorns for miles around this farm, we knew the alfalfa was going to light up with deer during the early season. When monitoring the field edges with cuddelink cameras, it was no surprise to find lots of deer using the fields, but some large bucks doing the same. Just a few days prior Adam was observing the field and saw one of the target bucks entering the field, it was game on from here.

We pushed in and hunted a small ridge we thought these bucks were staging up on before dumping into the large destination alfalfa field. Well, to hear more about how the successful early season hunt went down, you will have to tune into this podcast! We hope you enjoy this podcast!

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