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Aggressive Public Land Whitetail Strategies

Aggressive Public Land Whitetail Strategies

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on June 03, 2021

Show Notes

It's not often that we bring on a guest from outside of the southeast. When we do, you better listen up because they're about to bring the heat. Our guest this week is a mature buck killer named Johnny Stewart. Johnny primarily hunts the big woods of Pennsylvania, targeting big bucks in the big woods. Over the years, he has built up quite the reputation for himself as a deer hunter, as he has seen exceptional success in areas that see a lot of hunting pressure. This week, we're talking to Johnny about his aggressive tactics when hunting these bucks that see as much or more pressure than most parts of the country, which is why we think you'll be able to apply some of his strategy to your own scenario. Perhaps one of the greatest and most unique approaches he has is how he in-season scouts, especially in a new area. Buckle up buttercup! The man's about to spit some fire at you!

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