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Adventures of the Norwegian Houndsmen

Adventures of the Norwegian Houndsmen

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on December 22, 2019

Show Notes

Houndsman XP goes international! In this episode Chris sits down with Bear Siragusa and Jorgen Larsen of Norway. The trio discuss the long tradition of the use of hounds in the mother land. Norwegians, being a culture that dates back a couple of thousand years, have been using dogs to pursue game, put food on the table, and manage wildlife resources for a long time.

This discussion is about the history of hounds in Europe, modern hunting practices and gives the listener some insight into hunting abroad. Bear and Jorgen have a few questions of their own about hunting in the USA and Chris shares some insight into the diversity of the hound breeds. The discussion is sure to please the audience with discussions of hunting hares, fox and moose with hounds in the frozen north woods of the old country.

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