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A Tailgate Session with Chris and Steve

A Tailgate Session with Chris and Steve

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on July 05, 2019

Show Notes

Chris and Steve take a time out to do what every hound person loves to do and that’s simply to talk dogs. In this episode they take a look at the progress of the podcast since inception and discuss highlights of previous episodes. The upcoming benefit for injured houndsman and professional guide Leon Brown is discussed along with a recap of the recent visit with Freedom Hunters leaders Anthony Pace and Bud DePlatchett.

Midway the podcast, Chris calls the customer service staff at Double U Hunting Supply to discuss how the company is able to get product into the hands of consumers so quickly and to announce a new tech support feature to the podcast involving Double U support staff.

Chris reaches into the mailbag to field a question on breeding, sparking a conversation with Steve about the importance of really knowing the dogs in the pedigree or background before breeding that dog. The guys discuss inbreeding, the increasing interest in cross-breeding coonhounds and discuss a popular stud dog that may play a part in an increase in the practice. Steve offers his thoughts on family breeding hounds and the boys discuss several prominent players on the hound-hunting stage today.

This is an episode for those wanting a break from the rat race to reflect on a variety of subjects that are important in a houndsman’s life.

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