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A Michigan Legend: Mark Martin

A Michigan Legend: Mark Martin

Freshwater Bite  /  Season 1 • Episode 6

Posted on September 06, 2018

Show Notes

If you are from the state of Michigan or a walleye fanatic like I am, I'd be willing to bet that Mark Martin is a name that you have come across hundreds of time. You know him as a PWT world champ, fishing promoter throughout the U.S and Canada, "Mr. Walleye at Night" and a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame just to name a few.

I have to admit with a resume like Mark's I'd thought there would be little chance he would reply to my email to sit down and do a podcast with me. However, Mark proved to me why he is so well liked in our sport of fishing and sat down to give me the longest podcast episode I have to date. Nearly two hours! From his youtube channel "Mark Martin's Outdoor Adventures", writing articles for major magazines, speaking at seminars and preparing for another successful Ice Fishing Vacation School, Mark has plenty to keep him busy. He has been fishing well over 40 years and tournament fishing for more than 30!

What is this dude talking to me for and what could we possibly spend almost two hours talking about you might ask? Everything,from Mark's humble beginnings and learning not just how to fish for a living but how to be successful at promoting the sport of fishing. We even somehow tied in walleye and whitetail deer similarities and how we pursue both in a similar style. I also ask Mark on how he can get walleye to bite in certain lake conditions and scenarios that I hope you can try out on one of your adventures.

Since starting this blog and podcast I have learned a ton about not only how to catch more fish but more importantly the stories behind the people catching the fish. To me, finding out who the person is and their story tells a lot about how they catch fish. I'd like to think that after listening to these podcasts you can walk away with a tip or two that you can use in the field but what I think you will remember most are the legacy's these outdoorsman are creating.

I want to thank Mark for coming on the show and please take time to check out some of Mark's projects in the links below.



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