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A Hound's Nose, Knows

A Hound's Nose, Knows

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on December 15, 2019

Show Notes

Nick chats with friend and greenhorn deer tracker, Tony Hill. Tony is an experienced houndsman, raising beagles for bunnies. This past summer, he jumped into the blood and deer tracking game here in Michigan. Providing a service to hunters, Tony and his dog Fred pick up the trail where hunters get stuck. We cover a basic dog training tactics, retell the story of one particular track, and Nick grills Tony about his trips out to Colorado for chasing elk. All in all it is a great episode.

Show Notes:

Tony is a member Michigan Deer Trackers, a network of dogs and trainers who take pride in being able to help hunters find lost deer. As Tony mentions, they are not miracle workers, and if it's not a killing shot, the dog isnt going to be able to help. However, the amazing traits of these dogs, to track animals is what is helping hunters recover more deer. Fred, may be only a 6 month old pup, but he’s pulling off some great tracks. Particularly, a friend of mine had a low shot on a deer. Fred covered several hundred yards, through major thick brush, and found the buck that had rolled down a cliff and into a lake, incredible stuff. Tony reminds hunters to connect with a tracker and their dog before season, and have a number stored. If that tracker can’t make it, the network of trackers should be able to connect you with someone. If not in Michigan, check to see if your state has a tracking dog service. After the shot, the goal becomes recovery, what better alias than dog with a good nose.

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