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A Gun Fight, a World Record Ray & Mauled by a Bison

A Gun Fight, a World Record Ray & Mauled by a Bison

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  / 

Posted on August 05, 2020

Show Notes

Keith "Catfish" Sutton is a nationally known outdoor fishing and hunting writer and book author from Arkansas. He's written five books on catfishing, worked for ESPN for 10 years, and traveled the world fishing as a freelance writer. Keith is known as one of the country's top catfishermen. Keith has spent a lot of time fishing the Amazon River in Brazil and some of his stories are amazing, including catching the world record ray. He was the first person since the 1800s to catch and document the fish. Keith tells some incredible stories of being involved in a shootout with some Mexican "banditos" and you'll cringe when you hear his story of being mauled by a bison. This is a storyteller's podcast and you'll be enriched by learning about Keith's life of growing up on the lower White River in Arkansas. And you'll pick up some tips on catfishing! This is a really good podcast. Keith is a very neat guy.

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