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3 Keys To Success For Killing Mature Buck In Your Area

3 Keys To Success For Killing Mature Buck In Your Area

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on July 27, 2020

Show Notes

Very rarely do you find someone with so much knowledge, it simply leaves you speechless. This week's guest, Bobby Worthington, had our mouths hanging wide open with the amount of knowledge he dropped. Bobby is a lifetime die hard big buck killer, author, & world champion traditional archer. He is hailed by many as the best deer hunter alive, and some say the best that ever lived. He has had 6 bucks featured in North American Whitetail magazine, most of which were taken on public land in Tennessee. In this two part podcast, Mr. Worthington breaks down the 3 things that he believes are the keys to success for killing the most mature bucks in your area: Hunting him during the rut, Stand Placement, Persistence. Now I'm sure you're probably thinking, "Duh, I've heard all of that before". Well let me tell you, you've never heard it like this. The detail that is discussed in this episode will have you writing so fast, you may have to put out a fire. If there were ever a podcast episode that will have you listening over and over again, just because you want to make sure you absorb everything... THIS IS IT! Don't zone out, make sure you don't have anything to do for the next couple of hours, because this one is going to get you fired up!

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