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2nd Week Rut Strategies

2nd Week Rut Strategies

Iowa Sportsman  / 

Posted on November 13, 2020

Show Notes

The first week of the rut is over, and although there are still a couple weeks left, the second week of the rut is a little different. Depending on when does come in to heat on the properties you hunt, the deer movement could start to slow down. But, don't get worried, this is the time of the rut where big mature bucks are on their feet and looking for their next breeding opportunity.

On this episode of the Iowa Sportsman, Dan shares his thoughts on the strategies he uses during the November rut. He talks about hunting down wind of doe bedding areas, setting up in pinch points, and looking for those not-so-obvious stand locations. If you are struggling to locate a shooter, this episode will give you a couple ideas that might get you closer to your goal.

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