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2020: The Year In Review

2020: The Year In Review

Ohio Huntsman  / 

Posted on January 12, 2021

Show Notes

Every year we do a review of our hunting season and discuss how we feel things went for us individually. This week we share that conversation with the listeners of the podcast. Unless you live in a cave you know the world was hit with a global pandemic that caused many people to change their plans in 2020 and that included some plans relating to our seasons. However, we still managed to get a fair amount of time in the field and even try a few new things. Jeff began his journey into waterfowl hunting with limited success which played a role in his overall season success. Jason had one of his more challenging seasons in recent memory, but definitely learned some valuable lessons along the way. Jacob took advantage of his property to meet some harvest goals he had set to start the season and therefore had a fairly successful season. Overall, 2020 left plenty of room for improvement for all of us but we look forward to using some of the things we learned to have a more successful 2021 season.

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