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10 Reasons Why Edge-Feathering is Necessary

10 Reasons Why Edge-Feathering is Necessary

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on January 25, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome back to a new Land & Legacy podcast! We are discussing and wrapping up the month of January by reviewing one of the more trendy habitat techniques out there right now, edge-feathering! This technique is in its simplest form, a recreation of nature properly-functioning when fire was apart of the landscape.

During this podcast, we talk very clearly as to why you should be actively using the technique around the edges of your food plots or crop fields. We spell out 10 very important reasons that can greatly impact the wildlife, hunting, and habitat. Most people only think it's a way to steer deer into bow range, but this habitat technique goes well beyond that! We can create woody browse, visual barriers, improve food plot success, improve hard mast production, and much more!

We hope you enjoy this podcast and learn why edge feathering should be in your arsenal of tools to use on your farm. #ForLoveoftheLand

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