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Nine Finger Chronicles

Nine Finger Chronicles

The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast covers a variety of topics including hunting gear reviews and information, individual hunter profiles, hunting stories, and hunting strategy. Host Dan Johnson is a passionate sportsmen whose year revolves around bowhunting, his crazy family, and his overall love for Mother Nature.

Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast Episodes

Title Publish Date
The Traveling Bowhunter April 23, 2018
One Hell of a Season with Joe Marcello April 19, 2018
The Process Of Hunting Deer with Justin Zarr and Mark Kenyon April 16, 2018
How To Gain Access To Private Hunting Property April 13, 2018
Hunter Profile with John Hudspeth April 11, 2018
Building Your Own Arrows with Dan Course April 09, 2018
New To Hunting The West with Craig McGovern April 09, 2018
Hunting Specific Bucks with Justin Zarr April 04, 2018
Ultimate B.S. Session with Jeff Lindsey April 02, 2018
Product Review: OnX Maps & Sitka Gear with Tom Waters March 30, 2018
Hunters Blend Coffee with Paul Kurtz March 28, 2018
Big Buck, Small Property with Shannon Long March 26, 2018
Declining Hunter Numbers & Spending with Justin Zarr March 21, 2018
Beginning Bowhunter with Ben Murray March 19, 2018
Season Recap & New Broadheads with Brook Martin March 16, 2018
Ozonics: Real People, Real Results March 14, 2018
Run-N-Gun Hunting Tactics with Brett Smith March 12, 2018
Ultimate B.S. Session with Donnie Vincent March 06, 2018
Iowa Deer Classic: 3 for 1 March 04, 2018
B.S. Session with Nathan Worthington February 27, 2018
Shed Hunting Tips & Sportsmen's Nation Update February 25, 2018
From The Vault: Hunter Profile with Warren Womack February 20, 2018
Hunting Gear Review with Brandon Cox February 18, 2018
Post Season & Pre Season B.S. Session with Chris Dunkin February 15, 2018
Hunter Profile with Garret Armstrong February 13, 2018

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