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Snapshot: Turkey Time

Whitetail Food Cooking

Snapshot: Turkey Time

Snapshot: Turkey Time

turkey hunting photography

This photo was shot with the ISO at 4000.

Finally, after making it through the winter, the next pursuit begins.

I’ve always loved turkey season. The funnest part for me is playing their game and the calling aspect of it and seeing them react to different calls. I’ve always compared the run and gun style of turkey hunting to that of elk hunting. Now that I’ve been on a couple of elk hunts out west, the only similarities are in the run and gun aspect. Hearing a tom gobble off in the distance and trying to make a move and close the deal. None the less, conceptually, it’s a great primer for an elk hunt in September. Without the heavy pack and lack of oxygen. Being a flatlander living in Michigan, I’ll take what I can get.

This photo was shot with the ISO at 4000. Sometimes I like the effects of high ISO when the noise in the image isn’t too distracting and adds a bit of grain.

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