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Snapshot: Empty Handed

Whitetail Food Cooking

Snapshot: Empty Handed

Snapshot: Empty Handed

A19 I2437

A good hunt doesn’t always involve pulling the trigger.

A good hunt doesn’t always involve pulling the trigger. Come to think of it, I’d have to say I remember more of the times that I’ve come home empty handed.

Everyone does their best to prepare in the time leading up to the hunt and once out there and set up, you wait.The waiting is when the fun starts. You admire the sunrise or sunset, enjoy the taste of tobacco, relax in solitude, or laugh with friends.

This picture is from a hunt where not a shell one was spent. Trying to make the most of our time in Arkansas, we hoped to shoot a specklebelly goose worth mounting since they are rare in Michigan. We’d been seeing them land sporadically in the plowed bean fields and thought it’d be worth a shot.

We didn’t even come close to shooting one but laying on a ditch bank and watching this sunset was a hell of a way to end our trip in Arkansas and leave us excited to go back next year.

Photo notes: I like shooting into light or the sun at a slight angle to make lens flares. Sometimes it adds to the image but sometimes it takes away from it. It’s another fun thing to play with.

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