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Wolf Reintroduction to Colorado with Jon Keehner, PhD

Wolf Reintroduction to Colorado with Jon Keehner, PhD

Transition Wild  /  Season • Episode

Posted on April 12, 2018

Show Notes

The Colorado wolf debate continues! On today’s episode we talk with Dr. Jon Keehner, a hunting advocate and carnivore ecologist on the proposed reintroduction of gray wolves to Colorado. This podcast is meant to offer a differing perspective to what was presented in the previous podcast by Dr. Mike Phillips of the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, make sure you tune into that first, as it will provide context for the talking points during our conversation. 

We discuss the potential impacts that wolves could have on Colorado and he showcases why the the wolf population and carrying capacity would be much higher than the numbers presented by Mike Phillips. We discuss the current state of wolves in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming and Jon highlights the “slippery slope” due to the management difficulties if they were reintroduced to Colorado. To wrap up the episode, Jon leaves us with some sound advice on how to continue the conversation and how hunters, ranchers, and conservationists should align together to decide what is best for Colorado as a whole. 

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