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University of Elk Hunting with Corey Jacobsen

University of Elk Hunting with Corey Jacobsen

Backcountry Rookies  /  Season • Episode

Posted on May 14, 2018

Show Notes

The Rookies In The Backcountry talk with Corey Jacobsen from Elk101 and The University of Elk Hunting (UEH) about topics like, scouting for new hunting areas in Western States, how to chose the right elk call, and Corey’s go to calling sequence when he is calling in the big bulls.  Corey also covers common challenges hunters often face when they hunt the backcountry and a wide variety of other topics.  Corey is a fountain of knowledge and we were glad to have the chance to pick his brain for knowledge.    

Corey Offered anyone who uses the promotion code Rookies a 10% discount at the University of Elk Hunting.  If you can swing it UEH is a great value and a mass amount of elk hunting knowledge in one place.

Facebook – @Elk101

Instagram – @Elk101

University of Elk Hunting – 10% Discount Code - Rookies

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