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The Common Denominator with Karen Mikesell

The Common Denominator with Karen Mikesell

Sahn Outdoors  /  Season • Episode

Posted on May 22, 2018

Show Notes

In Episode 13 of the Sahn Outdoors Podcast, McCade and Zach, sit down with Zachs' mom, Karen, and recap her 2017 Bull Elk Hunt.  Karen was fortunate enough to draw an elk tag, at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City.

They tell several stories and cover topics such as:  How Karen got interested in hunting herself;  Telling Zach’s dad, John, to man up on his elk hunt;  Letting John hang his taxidermied bull on the wall;  Karen’s first deer hunt;  Overcoming issues with her feet;  Experiencing kindness from other hunters;  Drawing an Expo Tag;  Surgery on Karens feet;  Getting in “Elk Shape”;  Scouting season and setting cameras;  Experiencing that first bugle;  Opening morning and getting on the first bull of the hunt;  A slip on the hill that would come into play later;  Trying to get on a bull before dark and the rough hike out;  Hitting a breaking point;  McCade has a close and a little too close for comfort experience;  Changing game plans on Public Land;  Calling in a GIANT BULL;  A swing and a miss;  The rest of the group goes home;  Getting the scope dialed back in;  A midnight visitor in the tent;  The high’s and low’s of the hunt;  Recharging and Refocusing;  Getting a bull to play;  A plan comes together;  McCade and Zach pack in to the kill site at midnight, and pack out the first load;  The final pack out the next morning;  Hunting partners keeping each other in-check;  Advice for women curious about hunting;  Setting Goals and Achieving Them Equals Success!

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