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Strip Taxidermy & Barbershop Wisdom with Jeff Baird

Strip Taxidermy & Barbershop Wisdom with Jeff Baird

Sahn Outdoors  /  Season • Episode

Posted on March 12, 2018

Show Notes

Jeff is the owner of Strip Taxidermy, in Southern Utah. He is also the face of Baird’s Beard Oil, a thriving business that his daughter, Montana Baird, owns and runs.

On this episode of the San Outdoors Podcast, we meet with Jeff at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. We discuss taxidermist shot placement; turnin’ the lips on a cactus; ‘gross stuff”; NOT salting your capes; fleshing preferences; parading Zach’s Sportsman’s buck (again); 30” trophies and 200” mule deer vs. mature bucks; “that special day in the rut”; muzzle loaders and more units; Southern Utah genetics; Viking man-beards; picking up babies, saving people, and eating tacos with a beard; letting go of someone you love for two years; beard safety; gypsy scents vs. delicious aromas; fireballs and gun barrel musk; butter vs. oil; finding a woman that loves your beard; recap on 100/100 relationships; beard intimidation; eulogy goals; perspective and keeping up with the Jones’s; “workin’ stuff out with Heavenly Father”; tryouts for Strip Taxidermy; and business plugs. 

Follow Jeff:

Instagram: Strip Taxidermy (@striptaxidermy) & Bairds Beard Oil (@bairdsbeardoil)

Facebook: Strip Taxidermy (striptaxidermy) & Bairds Beard Oil (Bairds-Beard-Oil)

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